• Kaitlyn Hackett

Official Fall Family Bucket List of 2019

Updated: Feb 10

Fall is the perfect season to get cozy on the couch and watch the seasons change, right? If you’re looking for inspiration to *pumpkin* spice up your fall activities look no further! There are so many fun things to look forward to during this time that it can almost be overwhelming to make sure that everyone in the family has happy memories. We have an awesome list of some traditional and some new ideas to really kick off this fall season!

The Family Guide

  1. Make Apple Cider Donuts: Apple Cider Donuts are a signature of the fall season being alive! Donuts are super simple to make and only require a few ingredients. Happy baking!

  2. Visit Local Pumpkin Patch: An old tradition but still a fun one!

  3. Take Family Photos: The perfect time to get your Christmas/New Year's card photos, or simply just to remember the beautiful season with your family.

  4. Attend Local Fall Festival: A place that has everything for every age of the family.

  5. Weekly Halloween/Thanksgiving Movie Night: Movie nights are the perfect way to squeeze in quality family time in the busy school and work season while disconnecting from technology.

  6. Pumpkin Painting Night: Great way to get all members of the family involved and can be used as decorations after!

  7. Camping Night (Away or Backyard): Fall is obviously the best time for a little camping night, weather traveling somewhere for the weekend, in the backyard, or even the living room!

  8. Star Gazing Night: Who doesn’t love a little star gazing action on a crisp fall night?

  9. Hay Ride: Another classic but still fun and makes for cute photos

  10. Make a New Family Fall Tradition (or Bring One Back): Life gets really busy sometimes and it’s easy to forget old traditions or remembering to make new ones. This fall season bring back an old tradition from your childhood or make a new one for your kids!

The Kiddos Guide

  1. Handprint Turkey Crafts: A great fun task for the kiddos, can double as decorations around the house and will be so cute when they are older.

  2. Make Caramel Apple Treats: Sugary-sweet goodness! A sticky mess but delicious and fun activities for the weekends

  3. Spooky Story Night: Introduce a spooky story at bedtime or let them come up with their version!

  4. Bake Pumpkin Pie:

  5. Making Decorations for House: Simple and easy way to get the kids crafting and free decorations for the house.

  6. Fall Scavenger Hunt

  7. DIY Candy Corn Slime

  8. Disney Marathon of Halloween Movies: SO much fun to rewatch older Disney Original Halloween movies with the kiddos.

The Big Kids Guide

  1. Host a Mini Friendsgiving for Their Friends: Friendsgiving is fun, mini thanksgiving for friends were they can spend time together and appreciate their friendship.

  2. Haunted House Tour

  3. Classics Scary Movie Night: Maybe not all at once ...but still a fun activity to watch a few scary movies during the spooky season.

  4. Corn Maze

  5. Volunteer at a Local Shelter: Local shelters are always welcoming volunteers but especially during while the months turn colder.

  6. Fall Nature Walk

  7. Campfire and Marshmallows

  8. Mini Fall Shopping Trip: A small mini trip to get some warmer, fall clothes!

  9. Thankful Notes for Family or Friends: Personalized notes always mean so much to people, having a night where everyone writes to someone they are thankful for will brighten a person's days. Also, a way to connect with your teens.

The Mom’s & Dad’s Guide

  1. Treat Yourself to a New Thanksgiving Outfit

  2. Go to a Football Game

  3. Purge Closets/ House and Donate

  4. Read the Book You’ve Been Dying to Read

  5. Go to a Wine Bar

  6. Throw a Dinner Party for Friends (or Attend One)

  7. Enjoy a Seasonal Drink/ or Make Your Own

  8. Date Night

  9. Fill House with Fall Scents

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