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Best Podcasts for Moms

As a mom, you are up early, trying to get yourself ready before you run out of time once the kids wake up. By then, you are trying to get them on time for school, all while cooking their breakfast with minimal sleep because you child is your alarm at one in the morning, four in the morning, and so on. Your only downtime is their nap time or when they are at school. You are constantly making sure they eat the right foods, and that they are completing their homework. This is only part of what it is like to be a mother.

Reading sounds wonderful, but what mother has the hands to carry a book around? You have to get the laundry started, dishes cleaned, the house scrubbed from the ceilings all the way to the floors. It is tough and can be stressful at times, but there are thousands of podcasts that can make learning and working at the same time doable. Check out these five podcasts that are best for moms like you:

Five Helpful Podcasts

1. The Mom Hour: two episodes per week where the hosts Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis talk about their eight children between the two of them. The talks are about daily life with their children, from preschool to teenagers. This is a great podcast for moms who have questions about kids at any age and two women that work well with one another.

2. The Shameless Mom Academy: one episode per week where the podcast helps women not feel guilty for bridging motherhood and fulfilling their dreams. This podcasts teaches moms that their job as a parent is to make sure their children are happy and healthy, but to also focus on their personal goals and dreams in the process.

3. What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood: two episodes per week that tackle the dilemmas parents face, with a good sense of humor. The podcast discusses issues from multiple perspectives in a comedic way. If your child is always asking for things while their friends are around, and it is hard to say no, for example, this podcast will help you deal with that, all while laughing and learning.

4. I Can’t Mom Today: one episode per week that is meant to support first-time mothers, by sharing stories from others moms who have dealt with similar struggles. It can be scary being a first-time mother, but this podcast will help you through it!

5. One Bad Mother: one episode per day where the host’s Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis throw in some comedy and focus on less judging of the embarrassing moments of being a mother, and instead on laughter. It is a pleasure to listen to these two hosts who explain motherhood and all the blunders that come with it. This podcast is great for anyone from first-time mothers to experienced mothers.

A Little More About These Podcasts

Each mom can gain something different from these five podcasts, whether it teaches them the basics of parenting or how to make time for themselves. All of these podcasts have been ranked in the top 40 podcasts for moms in 2020, according to feedspot.com. This website will also give you more options as well. So, click one of these links and join in on the learning, laughter, and community these five podcasts offer!

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