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Food Art for Kids: 5 Thanksgiving Food Activities

One of the hardest things about Thanksgiving is smelling all the delicious food cooking and knowing that you cannot have any. So, how can you keep children entertained while you are cooking when all they want to do is poke their heads into the kitchen and ask when the food will be ready? Food art for kids is the answer. Here are five Thanksgiving food activities that will not only keep the kids busy, but also provide them snacks while the main course is being prepped and cooked.

Candy Turkey Pretzel Bites

A salty sweet combination that is not only tasty, but cute as well. There are a few simple ingredients and even a way to get rid of Candy Corn left over from Halloween. All you need are small pretzels, Rolo’s candy, candy corn, and M&M’s.

Cornucopia for Kids

With all the planning for Thanksgiving and how to decorate, a great idea to entertain the little ones is a centerpiece that is not only delicious, but fun to make. A Cornucopia is set at the center of most Thanksgiving tables for a reason: they symbolize nourishment and abundance. This is not only a great snack for the kids, but it can also offer a history lesson for them as well. They just need a few ingredients and then the fun history lesson can ensue: sugar ice cream cones, chocolate frosting, fall/autumn colored sprinkles, and then the snacks you want your kids to eat that will go inside of their Cornucopias.

Turkey Cupcakes

Who says a little dessert before dinner is not the way to go? With these delicious and cute cupcakes, the kids and guests over for Thanksgiving will enjoy these. For two dozen cute and delicious turkey cupcakes: Grab a box of your favorite chocolate cupcake mix and the ingredients that the box calls for: 1 1/3 cups of softened butter, 5 1/3 cups of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 4 tablespoons of heavy cream, a pinch of kosher salt, small pretzels, candy corn, M&M’s, and lastly, candy eyes.

Apple Turkey Craft

Getting kids to eat a little healthy while enjoying their crafts is always a step in the right direction. Here is what you need: Your favorite type of apple, toothpicks, spiced drops, large marshmallows, candy corn, raisins, red gummy candies or red fruit sacks (cut in half). This is a fun way to incorporate arts and crafts for Thanksgiving that is semi-healthy and delicious to eat.

Oreo Turkeys

When Oreos are involved, kids will come running. A craft that will keep the kids busy, works well with Thanksgiving, and tastes deliciouswho wouldn’t want to include this? To make 20 delicious Oreo Turkeys, you will need: ½ cups of white chocolate chips, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, red food coloring, 20 candy eyes, 20 Oreo cookies, 20 butterscotch chips, and one cup of candy corn.

Thanksgiving Food Art

There is always a lot of planning when it comes to Thanksgiving, whether you are the host or you are going over to someone’s home for the big feast. Juggling cooking, planning, or traveling with kids can be a handful, so Thanksgiving food art for kids is a great way to keep them and you happy. Arts and Crafts are a big part of growing up, so why not make it a delicious part of your Thanksgiving tradition that the kids will not only look forward to, but remember forever?

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