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Homeschooling Tips for Moms

Homeschooling has become the reality for many parents this year. With many schools and daycare centers still shut down from covid-19, and many moms still needing to work, it can be a balancing act trying to keep your children’s education a priority. Try some of these homeschooling tips to keep your household a productive one for your children:

Stay on Schedule

Structure in any child’s life is key, and school is no exception. Keeping your children on a tight schedule during school hours will help things run infinitely smoother. This also includes planning out the entire school year ahead of time so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed when inevitable hiccups occur. A tip to make this easier is to actually start from the end of the year instead of at the beginning. Have an idea of when the final examinations should take place and work backwards from there to leave adequate time between lesson plans and other exams.

Learning Beyond the Textbook

One of the great things about homeschooling is there are looser rules on how lessons can be taught. To use this to you and your child’s advantage, put the textbook down and get your kids involved in the kitchen, outdoors, or even on a mini field trip. Some activities to implement could include creating a board game, cooking, or the always beloved: arts and crafts. This not only makes the lesson planning and teaching more fun for you, it will also get your kids extra excited about learning. Check out this article for more ideas on unique activities for your little students.

Get Together with Other Homeschooling Parents

Even though homeschooling may seem daunting, knowing that you don’t have to completely go at it alone is comforting to say the least. Doing some research about other homeschoolers in your community may lead to some group lesson plans that would not only take a little of the stress off of you, but also provide some social time for the kids. This is something you could implement once a month or even everyday depending on how beneficial you see it being to your child’s education, as well as your schedule. Also, check out this article for tips on how to teach your young children basic rules a wonderful lesson to teach in a group setting.

Create an Official Classroom Space

One of the most worrisome parts of homeschooling your children is the possibility of distraction during lessons. Having school hours in the same place that your child is used to watching TV or taking naps can be a recipe for disaster if not handled correctly. To avoid this, set up a space in your home that is exclusively for teaching and studying. Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars decking out a room in your house to make it look like a real classroom. Simply dedicating a room that is not used for anything besides learning activities is enough to mentally separate that area of the house for both you and your child. Just make sure the space is free of very distracting items, like televisions or large windows.

The Takeaway

Homeschooling can surely seem like a daunting task at first glance. However, if you’re able to implement some of these homeschooling tips in your classroom, you’ll be the best homeschooling mom in your neighborhood in no time.

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