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How to Build Your Child’s Library

It’s no secret that reading plays an integral role in child development. Not only does it serve as an important educational tool, it also provides great benefits to social and cognitive development, as well as impacts on overall wellbeing and mental health. In fact, studies have shown that reading promotes children to interact with the world around them—facilitating better social interactions and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. Needless to say, reading—whether it be done on their own or by an adult—is a key contributor to childhood growth in all aspects. However, it cannot be done without the proper selection of stories! Therefore, it is important to know just how to build your child’s library.

The Keys to Generating an Appeal

In order to reap the many benefits reading has to offer, the concept must appeal to your child. If they hate the idea and would rather spend their time doing, quite frankly, anything else, there are a few tips to have them follow to make reading more fun:

1. Model the excitement.

Adults serve as the primary influence on children. Therefore, if parents express a distaste towards reading, children are bound to do the same. To combat this, express an interest in reading and learning towards your child. Try dressing up as the characters in the book and narrating their voices to make it more exciting! If you approach the idea with enthusiasm and a smile, your child will begin to share that same energy.

2. Make your reading area desirable.

If your reading corner consists of a stand-alone, uncomfortable rocking chair, neither you or your child are going to willingly want to spend time there. In creating a comfortable and fun space to read, your child will gravitate more and more towards their books and subsequently, will have the urge to read!

3. Bringing the books to life.

One of the most special gifts that books have to offer is their virtue of imagination. By allowing your child to immerse themselves in the world of fiction, books suddenly become far more exciting. Soon, your child will be eager to pick up the next Harry Potter novel, rather than dread the thought of flipping through so many pages.

4. Transform library outings into adventures!

By approaching an ordinary trip to the library with enthusiasm, your child will begin to associate buying books with great fun. Doing so will promote a stronger urge for reading while simultaneously allowing you to build your child’s library.

5. Start a book club.

Through partnering with friends and family, reading can turn into a more social experience. Taking part in a book club not only allows for more social interaction, it also increases a child’s desire to read—as they can converse and even reenact with their friends. Plus, books clubs promote a growing variety of readings while also setting a timeline for getting them done.

6. Suggest books as gifts.

If a relative asks what your child would want as a gift, tell them books! Although they are not always the most exciting to open, they end up offering the most long-lasting rewards of comfort and an escape from reality. In the end, your child will greatly appreciate such a contribution and in addition, will have fun adding to their growing collection of stories.

Building Your Child’s Library Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

To build your child’s library, stimulating an interest in reading is key. Once that interest is there, the rest is smooth sailing. From that point forward, exploring book stores, both old and new, and libraries can become a fun activity. All that’s left is building a nice bookshelf and purchasing a cozy chair, and the rest will be history! Soon, you and your child will become speed readers with a plethora of books to choose from.

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