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How to Teach Rules to Preschoolers

Trying to figure out how to teach rules to your preschooler? This might seem like a daunting task, but I’m here to make it simple: whether you’re a new parent or preschool teacher, I assure you, it can be done. Establishing rules with your little one (or ones!) can help them internalize and implement appropriate behavior into their daily lives—even up until they become adults! Here’s how to teach rules to preschoolers.

How to Create Rules

First and foremost, it’s important to keep your rules simple. Think about it: little people = little minds and, therefore, only so much brain capacity. If you really want to get your rules across to your preschooler, strive to make them as uncomplicated as possible. Try to avoid more difficult words or euphemisms that might not make sense to your tot. By making your rules, boundaries, and expectations straightforward, you can ensure that you are communicating effectively with your child. I also suggest avoiding complex language that your preschooler might not understand.

In addition to keeping the rules themselves simple, you also want to keep the number of rules you have limited. To do so, you may want to think about your most important five or so rules, reserve these as “Golden” rules. Having fewer rules will make it easier for your preschooler to recall them when necessary.

Providing pictures along with your rules might make it easier for your child to remember them. After all, visuals will help your preschooler associate certain actions with the related rules.

Examples of Good Rules:

  1. Be kind to others.

  2. Tell the truth.

  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

How to Explain Rules

Now, this can be the tricky part, but don’t sweat it! You might have heard it before, but here it is again: participation is key. You want your child to feel involved. Go over the rules with them and explain to them why they need to follow that specific rule. Offering examples that they can apply to real-life situations can also help them grasp the importance of rules. Association is another key here!

After thoroughly explaining each rule, you should display your set of rules where your child will see it often; iIn doing so, you will also be able to go back and reference the rules easily whenever necessary.

If you would like some free printable rules that you can display, then click here!

Teaching Rules to Preschoolers

Ultimately, while teaching preschoolers rules sounds intimidating at first, you just need to remember to keep it simple, provide pictures, and walk them through it. Children learn by example and by providing them along with some rules, they will learn to follow!

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