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8 Tips for Mom Staying Organized 

Being a mom is hard work! The constant worry if you're doing anything right. One thing you can rely on is how organized you are. Every mother could use a mom tip or two. Below are some mom tips for staying organized.

1. Keep A To-Do List 

Honestly, being overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done, is a common problem. Having a to-do list is helpful when you need to get organized. I find setting aside a time to write priority to-dos down and non-priorities every day is a good way to see what needs to be done. Once you decide what you will be doing for the day, it might be good to take the to-do and create sub-tasks. You get to cross out those sub-tasks so you don’t feel you did not accomplish anything. A great mobile app for busy moms is Todoist where you can organize all your tasks for the week set with reminders, deadlines, and even share those tasks with your partner's list!

2. Have A Family Calendar 

Having a family-wide calendar helps keep track of everyone's schedule. It helps a busy mom like you keep track of if you're the carpool mom or not. When the kids are young and not completely into technology yet you will have to set the calendar, but when they become older they can create their own calendars online and invite you to any of their scheduled events and leave a note if they need to pick up, drop off, or attend. 

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3. Create A Nighttime Routine 

Giving the kids a nighttime routine starting after school or when they are done with after school activities. Having a scheduled dinner and bedtime gives the kids structure especially when they are younger. Also, by setting the routine they are likely to get hungry at that time and won’t fall out of this time period asking for snacks or sneaking them. This same habit also happens with bedtime. If the kids go to be at 8 then there will be time for you to relax before bed.

4. Wake Up Before Everyone 

Waking up before everyone will give you time to get everything together before the kids come running down for breakfast. Take the time to exercise, read, and get ready for the day. If this is all done before the kids wake up, all you have to do is feed them, dress them, and get them to school. You got a nice morning relaxation and got the kids out the door with no fuss. 

5. Delegate 

When it comes to getting things done, it might be best to delegate tasks. Giving the kids some responsibility is a good thing, even if it's just cleaning their rooms. By doing this the things that need to get done, get done. It also allows for more family time and your time. 

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6. Meal Prep 

Taking the time to just write down what you are going to make for dinner for the week can keep you more organized. Also, planning the kid's lunches can help too. If you take the time before the week starts you can ask the kids what they prefer for lunch. That way you can make sure what you give them is healthy, and they will eat it. This article has some great tips on creating healthy meal preps for you and your family!   

7. Get A Good Trustworthy Babysitter

Sometimes mamas need a break, whether you want a date night or a girl's night, you don’t want to leave the kids with a stranger. Talk to parents in the neighborhood. Look up local high schools for anyone willing to babysit or help you out. They do have to be the night you want to go out. If you have a big project at work you need to take home. Have them come watch the kids while you work quietly in your home office. 

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8. Become A Minimal Minimalist

The kids grow and eventually they grow out of things. Taking the time to go through one thing a month will allow you to “clean house” without having to do a week of spring cleaning and reorganizing. As the kids grow out of toys and clothes, it's best to take them to the consignment shop or donate to expecting mothers. Keep the things that have good memories or take a picture of them, so you can keep it without actually keeping it. 

Do You Have Any Tips And Tricks?

It is important to remember that organization is just one part of the job of a mother. Staying organized as a mom is very difficult but doable. The mom tips for staying organized that are above are just a start. 

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